09 of October, 2020
Why You Should Invest in Your Windows and Doors
Why You Should Invest in Your Windows and Doors

Majority of structural home improvement projects are no easy task, particularly in the case of window and door installation. Both your windows and doors have a significant role to play in protecting the integrity and functionality of your home. In this regard, they deserve to be built with quality materials and correct installation procedures.


Window and Door Frame Materials 


Those who are highly concerned about maintaining the classic look of their homes will often ignore the idea of installing vinyl windows and doors in favour of wooden materials. However, what they often don’t know is that this material for either a new window and door installation or replacement is gaining popularity. This is because vinyl framing materials are proven to prevent energy loss, don’t need painting or sealing, and are a lot less expensive than wood. 


Conversely, if the style of your home favours the modern or contemporary design, then metal window frames like aluminum are a better option when it comes to design. Another alternative is the fiberglass frame which is very durable and uses less materials while being able to expand the glazing area and allow more light to get in. 


Adherence to Standards Is A Must


In terms of windows, a double-pane is the standard, consisting of two sheets of glass equipped with a space in the middle filled with an insulating gas. This window standard is highly recommended because it can increase energy efficiency of homes by up to 100%. When it comes to doors, it is best to also choose the glass material that offers the same level of energy efficiency and will provide you great savings from your energy bill. Pay attention to the R-value which refers to the measurement of the energy loss of the glass material. 


Ultimately, when you are planning to start your window and door installation project, you should always work with a reliable and dependable  company in your area. Contact HTR Windows and Doors today to learn more about our products and services. 


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