14 of September, 2020
What to Expect During a Window Installation Session
What to Expect During a Window Installation Session

A window installation service is not just a matter of putting parts together – a lot of work goes into the preparation and cleanup, and technicians need to be exceedingly attentive when working on your windows. Experts are required for the job, and as such it is very important to hire the right people for the job in order to get the most out of your big investment.


While every window company has its own set of practices when it comes to performing a window installation, there are more or less a few key steps that need to happen in order for it get done right.


Here are the processes you can expect for an installation service:


-  Professional teams that truly care about customer experience and quality of work will offer in-home consultations prior to the service. At HTR Windows and Doors, we offer free consultations when you call us. During the consultation, we will help you determine exactly the kind of work that needs to be done, which windows or doors will suit your house best, and we can also give you an idea of the timeframe.


- During the day of the window installation, professionals usually start by preparing the area they’ll be working in by placing drop cloths, both inside and outside, to catch dust and debris.


- Once the window is installed, a final inspection would be done to ensure that everything is in good working order, after which the installers will clean the area thoroughly, making sure all debris is disposed of properly.


- Finally, you will be walked through the new installations by the crew while they provide you with some tips on how to properly operate and maintain the condition of your newly installed windows. Seize this time to ask any more questions you may have that the crew should try to answer.


For all your window needs, make sure to contact HTR Windows and Doors! Take advantage of our promotion from now till October 15, 2020, promising half price triple pane insulated glass units, 40% off all window installations, and free exterior color upgrades. Call us today!



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