25 of September, 2020
The Benefits of Window Films
The Benefits of Window Films

Many property owners are starting to see the benefits of installing security films for their windows in Toronto. While good quality windows are sturdy and made to last, adding an extra layer of protection brings great benefits not just in terms of longevity but also in terms of energy savings and temperature control.


Here are some important reasons to get your windows in Toronto outfitted with security films:


Temperature Regulation

For Canadian homeowners, the extremities of weather are always a concern. No matter how many curtains or blinds you install, there is still the chance of overheating during the peak summer months. Window films can help block 80% of the sun’s heat, particularly if you are using films that are designed for that purpose. Additionally, this blockage can help prevent fading on your floors, walls, or furniture, as exposure to harmful UV rays can be reduced.


Energy Savings

You can save up to 30% on energy bills if your windows and doors are carefully designed and installed. With added window films, you can rest easy knowing that the added temperature regulation capabilities of your home will help you contribute to a greener earth as well as reduce your energy costs.


Security and Privacy

The most important and common reason for installing window films, particularly security films, is to enhance the security of your windows. Some films are so powerful that they can withstand explosions, preventing the glass for shattering into dangerous shards. Furthermore, it is a great deterrent against home burglaries, as breaking and entering through the windows will become significantly more difficult with a powerful security film acting as an additional barrier. If security films can withstand explosions, they surely can withstand attempts at breakage.


HTR Windows and Doors is one of the top providers of products and services for windows in Toronto. Regardless of the scale of your replacement or installation project, we have the knowhow and professionalism to tackle the issue. In collaboration with IP Window Films Ltd, we are able to outfit our windows with high-quality security films, protecting residences against breaking and entering. Check out our website to learn more about our services!

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