05 of January, 2021
Efficient Designs Provided By Your Window Installation Service
Efficient Designs Provided By Your Window Installation Service

Every homeowner knows that the true value of a window does not only account for the design and quality of the material used. It should also include the professionalism and expertise of the window installation service.


Without proper installation, even the most expensive and elegantly designed windows can cause your home a lot of problems.


Experienced service technicians will understand that proper installation will determine their value as a business. They understand the concept of wear and tear on different parts of your window and will do everything they can to make sure that those areas of your window are sealed properly with the right equipment. Although caulking and flashing could be the least expensive parts of a window installation service, if done correctly, they can also cause you a headache down the road.


Aside from traditional window design and installation, there are windows that are naturally made to be more efficient, which include the following:


Casement Windows

This type of window is the ultimate option for houses located in places where the wind is a big issue. They come with a crank that swings the window outward to open and have the ability to seal themselves even better when the wind blows toward the house. However, their seals and hinges need constant maintenance to ensure they continue to work efficiently.


Double-hung Window

If you love traditional pre-war design, then double-hung windows are a perfect option for you. The units are opened with the bottom sliding up. While they can also be very efficient in some areas, they might not be the best choice if you need new windows in an extreme climate. This is because the sliders can potentially allow air to enter.


Picture Windows

These windows cannot be opened to allow for airflow, but they can also be quite functional in other ways. They come in various sizes but are commonly large enough to nearly cover a wall by itself. These windows allow for a large amount of natural light and heat to fill a room.


If you are looking for a trustworthy professional window installation service contact us at HTR Windows and Doors.

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