All HTR Windows and Doors products come with an extensive warranty system:

  • 5 years from the manufacture date against seal failure and pressure cracks for glass sealed units. Usage of harmful solvents or abrasive materials to clean sealed units or painted surfaces will void warranty.
  • 10 years on smooth and woodgrain fibreglass doors as well as steel insulated doors wherein door warpage is only considered a defect when the deflection exceeds 8mm or 5/16. All 8 foot slabs require multipoint locking systems or warranty will be void.
  • 5-year warranty from manufacture date for stain finishes on woodgrain fiberglass doors, smooth fiberglass, and steel insulated doors against defects such as blistering or peeling. All fibreglass doors must be resealed every two years or the warranty is void. Natural fading or damage done due to the use of harmful solvents or abrasive cleaning materials will void this warranty.
  • One-year warranty on door sweeps. Door sill must be installed level and free of debris, ice, and snow buildup at all times or warranty will be void. Other exclusions on this warranty include: 1) Accident, abuse, misuse or neglect in handling, installation or operation, finishing, operation or maintenance, 2) Any third party product installed on top, including storm/screen doors, exterior grilles, etc.

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