04 of November, 2019
Design Trends to Consider for Your New Patio Doors
Design Trends to Consider for Your New Patio Doors

A patio door is unlike any regular entry door in your home. Not only does it differ in design, it also differs in function. Having a well-designed and installed patio door can add to the curb appeal of your home. As such, before proceeding with your patio door installation, it is important to keep in mind the newest and hottest trends for patio doors.


With plenty of options available for you to consider, here are some of the latest trends laid out for you:


Black Frames

If your home has more of a contemporary style, black or dark frames for your patio door would add drama and sophistication to your aesthetic. This style can also suit traditional spaces that are in need of a more sophisticated touch. Black patio door frames are also easier to maintain, requiring less window treatments while providing a great visual accent to your home. If you have light-colored walls, then provide a stunning and eye-catching contrast.


Streamlined Minimalism

After completing hundreds of patio door installation projects in the GTA, we at HTR Windows have found that minimalist, modern styles are highly popular with newer homes. Homeowners opt for materials such as aluminum to show off clean, sharp lines, with slim frames favored over thicker ones. This design is more effective at centering the outside view, being very popular today due to its simplicity, minimalist design, and streamlined look.


Bringing Indoor Living Outside

This trend has been on the rise as more and more homeowners are putting more thought into their patio furniture. This has prompted designers to integrate the patio space more effectively with the interior design of the home. If you are interested in this same setup, your patio door design must provide a smooth visual transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, reflecting a holistic and comprehensive overall aesthetic.


Once you’ve decided on a design, get in touch with a reliable and affordable patio door installation service by calling HTR Windows!

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Loving my new patio door installation from you guys!
Posted by: Bart | November 11, 2019, 10:03 am
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