06 of December, 2019
3 Red Flags That Mean Door Installation

HTR Windows and Doors is here to provide you with 3 red flags that indicate it’s time for a door installation.

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25 of November, 2019
A Brief History of Windows

Today, both window design and window installation have been greatly simplified to prioritize functionality for the modern home. 

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18 of November, 2019
4 Characteristics a Dependable Window Repair Service Possesses

 A reliable window repair service with decades of experience knows how to give homeowners only the best service and experience.

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11 of November, 2019
3 Vital Inspections to Perform After a Window Installation

In today’s blog, we share some tips on what you should be checking after a window installation service so that you have peace of mind.

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04 of November, 2019
Design Trends to Consider for Your New Patio Doors

Before proceeding with your patio door installation, it is important to keep in mind the newest and hottest trends for patio doors.

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30 of October, 2019
Why Homeowners in Canada Are Opting for Coated/Low-E Glass

As a result of the window replacement services we provide at HTR Windows and Doors, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of homeowners opting to have coated, LoĒ glass outfitted throughout their residence.

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17 of October, 2019
All Windows, All Answers

Windows are a gateway to the soul of a home and the world outside your home, but they’re also the gateway to many questions from home owners. These ever pervasive openings are, much like all components of a house, prone to issues and can require window repair services.

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02 of October, 2019
Distinguishing Between Window Types

Windows, they surround us virtually everywhere we go, allowing us to peer out into the world, take in natural light, and provide ventilation. These are concepts any reputable window installation service should be familiar with. This piece will be covering the design choices behind three window types that are commonly encountered today.

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27 of September, 2019
Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Front Door

If you’re looking to boost curb appeal, looking to replace an old door, or are just looking to spice things up – a new door might just be the sort of change you need.

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20 of September, 2019
3 Reasons Why Patio Door Installations Are Superior

When it comes to upgrading your home, you might inevitably need to replace the doors leading to your backyard. If it’s choosing between garden doors versus patio door installation, there are a few reasons why you should choose the latter.

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13 of September, 2019
3 Ways You Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Opting for certain exterior home improvement tricks can boost curb appeal and contribute to a healthy resale value.

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06 of September, 2019
5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Windows

Read this blog to learn about 5 red flag signs that you will like need to opt for window replacement.

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23 of August, 2019
The Different Types of Patio Doors to Choose From

Installing a patio comes in two components: doing up the patio itself, and then getting the patio door installation done. 

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09 of August, 2019
Choosing between Full-Frame or Retrofit Window Replacement

Broken or damaged windows only require simple window replacement procedures, which are often either in the form of retrofitting or full-frame replacements.

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06 of August, 2019
Saving Your Windows: When to Repair and When to Replace

Window repair can be a necessary procedure for many reasons, one of them being saving on energy and therefore, costs.

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