22 of January, 2021
What Affects The Price Of Window And Door Replacement

When looking for a window and door replacement, it is important to understand the different factors that affect the price. Contact HTR Windows and Doors today!

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19 of January, 2021
4 Traits of High-Quality Window and Door Installation Services

When looking for a window and door installation service, pay attention to the following traits in order to find the best services you can trust for your home.

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15 of January, 2021
What To Consider When Looking For A Window Replacement

When searching for a window replacement, make sure you do your research or consult us at HTR Windows and Doors so we can guide you to making the best decision. 

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12 of January, 2021
Key Factors Impacting The Price of Vinyl Windows in Toronto

How do you determine the price of vinyl windows in Toronto compared to wood? There are a couple of key factors to consider. Contact us today to learn more.

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05 of January, 2021
Efficient Designs Provided By Your Window Installation Service

Every homeowner knows that the true value of a window is in the window installation service. Contact HTR Windows and Doors today to get new windows installed.

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28 of December, 2020
Time for a New Window Installation

If your windows are old, outdated, and beginning to rot, it's time for you to call a professional window installation service to get revitalize your view. 

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23 of December, 2020
2 Important Questions about Vinyl Windows Answered

Vinyl windows replacement is a perfect way to see to it that your house becomes more energy efficient, stable, and worthwhile.

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18 of December, 2020
The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows in Toronto and the rest of the world are now one of the most preferred choices for windows.

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16 of December, 2020
4 Clear Signs Your Home Needs a Window Replacement Soon

Window replacements should be done by professional installers like HTR Windows and Doors. For all your window replacement needs, call us today to learn more. 

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10 of December, 2020
What to Expect During Professional Window Installation Projects

A professional window installation team will come equipped with everything they need to do the job, from small pieces of tools to cleaning equipment. 

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01 of December, 2020
When to Consider a Home Window Replacement

Old windows breaking down and out-of-style? It might be time to consider a home window replacement with HTR Windows and Doors. Contact us today to learn more.

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23 of November, 2020
4 Easy Ways to Select the Best Window For Toronto Residential Properties

Choosing the perfect style and type of window in toronto can be difficult. HTR Windows and Doors can help you with choosing the right window in toronto style. 

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19 of November, 2020
4 Style-Based Reasons to Have a Window Replacement

Window replacement is the perfect solution to updating your home or office. For dependable window replacement services, call HTR Windows and Doors today!

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16 of November, 2020
4 Essential Characteristics of Dependable Window Installation Companies

HTR Windows and Doors is a trusted provider of window installations and replacements. For your new door and window installations, give us a call today! 

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09 of November, 2020
Essential Considerations When Getting a Window And Door Replacement

If you are looking for great window and door replacement services, you can count on HTR! Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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05 of November, 2020
4 Compelling Reasons To Use Window Installation Services

Looking for high-quality window installation services? HTR Windows and Doors has been providing services in window installations to the GTA for years. Call us!

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02 of November, 2020
The Most Common Types of Window Styles

For all your window in Toronto replacement needs, you can count on HTR Windows. HTR has years of experience providing professional window in Toronto services.


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30 of October, 2020
Bow Windows: Benefits and Tips for Maintenance

When it comes to window installation, there are a number of different window types that you can go for. 

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21 of October, 2020
5 Easy to Spot Signs That Your Window Needs Replacement

Are you in need of a window replacement? HTR Windows can help you with all your window replacement needs and services. To learn more, read our latest blog. 

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16 of October, 2020
3 Clear Signs You Need Your Door Replacement Services

Are you in need of window and door replacement services? HTR Windows and Doors are trusted providers of window and door replacement services. Call us today! 

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09 of October, 2020
Why You Should Invest in Your Windows and Doors

When it comes to window and door installations, there are many factors to consider. Read HTR's latest blog to learn about window and door installations.

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06 of October, 2020
4 Undeniable Benefits of Having Vinyl Windows Replacement Services

Vinyl window replacement is easy with a dependable window and door installation company. HTR Windows can help you with all your vinyl window replacement needs. 

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02 of October, 2020
4 Dependable Characteristics of Professionals for Window Replacement in Toronto

Are you looing for reliable professsionals for window replacement in Toronto? HTR Windows offer high-quality services in Toronto. Call us today to get a quote! 

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25 of September, 2020
The Benefits of Window Films

Many property owners are starting to see the benefits of installing security films for their windows in Toronto. 

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22 of September, 2020
The Process of Choosing Your Replacement Windows

If you have yet to find a reliable provider of home window replacements, you can always count on us at HTR Windows and Doors.

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16 of September, 2020
The Benefits of Whole-House Window Replacements

Homeowners who opt for whole-house window replacements do so because of a plethora of benefits.

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14 of September, 2020
What to Expect During a Window Installation Session

A window installation service is not just a matter of putting parts together – a lot of work goes into the preparation and cleanup.

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10 of September, 2020
4 Signs of Windows that Need Replacing

If you are due for a window replacement, you should reach out to professional technicians as soon as possible.

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03 of September, 2020
Differences between Window Styles

Getting the best window installation service should be the first task on your list if you are looking to renovate your home. 

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23 of July, 2020
Advantages of Having a Glass Panel Patio Door

HTR Windows and Doors can provide you with excellent patio door installation. Contact us today for all your patio door installation needs and services.

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09 of July, 2020
Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Window And Door Installation

Are you interested in a window and door installation? HTR Windows and Doors is trusted and experienced in window and door installations and more. Call us today!

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16 of June, 2020
Preparing for Window Replacement

In today’s blog we delve into how to prepare for window replacement in your home. 


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03 of June, 2020
3 Leading Reasons Why People Choose Window Installation

In today’s blog we break down 3 leading reasons why people choose window installation over window repairs. 


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25 of May, 2020
Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Window replacements are some of the most common ways homeowners improve their home’s value. 

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19 of May, 2020
3 Problems that Can Be Solved with Repairs Instead of Replacements

Window replacement is not always the best course to go for. There are instances when opting for a window repair service will be just as effective. 

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11 of May, 2020
Differences among Patio Door Materials

Before getting your patio door installation done, one of the first steps to check off is to make sure you have chosen the right material for your patio doors. 

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05 of May, 2020
How to Choose the Doors for Your Home

When it comes time to get door installation services, make sure you have chosen the entry door that perfectly fits the theme of your entire home. 

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29 of April, 2020
4 Ways to Inspect Doors for Proper Installation

Any door installation project is incomplete without a proper inspection to ensure that the doors have been properly installed.

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22 of April, 2020
Window Frame Material Options to Consider

Before proceeding with your new window installation, one of the first things you need to consider is the material for your new windows. 

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15 of April, 2020
3 Important Things to Consider When Replacing Windows

If repainting or resealing them simply don’t work, then window replacement is the answer. 

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08 of April, 2020
Hottest Patio Door Trends for the Summer

Before you proceed with your patio door installation, consdier some of the hottest design trends this summer first.

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24 of March, 2020
Why You Should Only Use Professional Window Specialists

Window repair is a difficult process that needs to be handled carefully by professionals, as the very comfort and livability of your home is at stake.

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20 of March, 2020
3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows

If you’re someone who is looking to flip a house, or are thinking about making major renovations in your home – it’s likely that you’ve come to the realization that you might have to replace your windows. While window replacement might seem like a small-scale project amidst more important large-scale projects like re-doing your kitchen, it’s still a transformative part of the renovation process.

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10 of March, 2020
When to Get Your Doors Fixed

It is uncommon for people to maintain their doors properly, oftentimes not calling for door repair until it is too late. 

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24 of February, 2020
The Most Popular Patio Door Types to Choose From

Consider these popular patio door types for your next patio door installation. There are many styles to choose from depending on your style and the design of your home.

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18 of February, 2020
4 Common Window Issues that Should be Repaired

There are many issues that can arise from poor window maitenance, so it's important to contact a window repair service to fix these 4 common window issues.

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10 of February, 2020
The Various Window Types for Your New Installation

With the wide variety of different window installation styles to choose from, understanding each one will ensure that you'll be happy with the outcome. 

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05 of February, 2020
3 Crucial Signs It's Time to Have Window Replacement As Soon as Possible

Window replacement is often over looked but is necessary when it comes to maintaining your home. Reduce your electricity bill in the long run and get your windows professionally replaced.

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28 of January, 2020
Characteristics To Expect From The Best Window Installation Service

Investment into a locally renowned window installation service is one of the most anticipatory actions you can take.

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21 of January, 2020
The Implications Of Not Repairing Your Windows Are More Severe Than You Expect

Situations where window repair are a necessity can impose a serious hurdle when trying to sell your home.

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15 of January, 2020
The Secrets To Success When It Comes to Window and Door Installations

Window and door installation services must have the right tools, knowledge, and equipment to at their beck and call to install everything with precision.

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07 of January, 2020
Patio Door Installation Tips: 3 Qualities Of The Perfect Patio Door

Energy Star glass products are what we use when manufacturing customised designs for any patio door installation at HTR Windows and Doors. 

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27 of December, 2019
How to Prepare for Window Installation

By now you’ve already sought out a reputable window installation service for new windows in your home. You’re excited for this new home improvement, but you’re unsure about what to expect. One of the best things you can do is properly prepare for the installation. But what does preparation entail?


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20 of December, 2019
The Difference Between Patio Doors and Garden Doors

If you’re still wondering whether to choose patio doors or garden doors, HTR Windows and Doors is here to lay out the basics of both. 


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17 of December, 2019
Windows: The Eyes of Your Home

If you’re in need of window repair, and are considering switching it up when it comes to your home’s windows but don’t know where to start, then you’re in luck! In today’s blog we’ll delve into a few different window styles and how they can enhance your home’s interior and exterior.

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06 of December, 2019
3 Red Flags That Mean Door Installation

HTR Windows and Doors is here to provide you with 3 red flags that indicate it’s time for a door installation.

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25 of November, 2019
A Brief History of Windows

Today, both window design and window installation have been greatly simplified to prioritize functionality for the modern home. 

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18 of November, 2019
4 Characteristics a Dependable Window Repair Service Possesses

 A reliable window repair service with decades of experience knows how to give homeowners only the best service and experience.

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11 of November, 2019
3 Vital Inspections to Perform After a Window Installation

In today’s blog, we share some tips on what you should be checking after a window installation service so that you have peace of mind.

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04 of November, 2019
Design Trends to Consider for Your New Patio Doors

Before proceeding with your patio door installation, it is important to keep in mind the newest and hottest trends for patio doors.

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30 of October, 2019
Why Homeowners in Canada Are Opting for Coated/Low-E Glass

As a result of the window replacement services we provide at HTR Windows and Doors, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of homeowners opting to have coated, LoĒ glass outfitted throughout their residence.

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17 of October, 2019
All Windows, All Answers

Windows are a gateway to the soul of a home and the world outside your home, but they’re also the gateway to many questions from home owners. These ever pervasive openings are, much like all components of a house, prone to issues and can require window repair services.

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02 of October, 2019
Distinguishing Between Window Types

Windows, they surround us virtually everywhere we go, allowing us to peer out into the world, take in natural light, and provide ventilation. These are concepts any reputable window installation service should be familiar with. This piece will be covering the design choices behind three window types that are commonly encountered today.

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27 of September, 2019
Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Front Door

If you’re looking to boost curb appeal, looking to replace an old door, or are just looking to spice things up – a new door might just be the sort of change you need.

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20 of September, 2019
3 Reasons Why Patio Door Installations Are Superior

When it comes to upgrading your home, you might inevitably need to replace the doors leading to your backyard. If it’s choosing between garden doors versus patio door installation, there are a few reasons why you should choose the latter.

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13 of September, 2019
3 Ways You Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Opting for certain exterior home improvement tricks can boost curb appeal and contribute to a healthy resale value.

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06 of September, 2019
5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Windows

Read this blog to learn about 5 red flag signs that you will like need to opt for window replacement.

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23 of August, 2019
The Different Types of Patio Doors to Choose From

Installing a patio comes in two components: doing up the patio itself, and then getting the patio door installation done. 

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09 of August, 2019
Choosing between Full-Frame or Retrofit Window Replacement

Broken or damaged windows only require simple window replacement procedures, which are often either in the form of retrofitting or full-frame replacements.

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06 of August, 2019
Saving Your Windows: When to Repair and When to Replace

Window repair can be a necessary procedure for many reasons, one of them being saving on energy and therefore, costs.

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