29 of April, 2020
4 Ways to Inspect Doors for Proper Installation
4 Ways to Inspect Doors for Proper Installation

A door installation might sound simple. Indeed, you can find numerous instructions on DIY door installations with a single search engine query. However, none of this guarantees the longevity of your doors. Considering that this is a safety issue, it is imperative that you do everything to ensure your doors are installed properly. The best thing to do is to only hire professionals. Once they are done, they will inspect their handiwork to ensure that everything is up to standard.


Before finalizing the installation, a professional team will check that:


The Doors Are Not Hitting Any Part of the Frame

Insulation and structural problems surface when your door hits the frame on closing. Poor hinge alignment or loose hinges are to blame for misaligned door frames. Additionally, there may also be some manufacturing mistakes. Upon inspection, if this problem surfaces, they will promptly rectify it.


The Caulks Are Not Peeling from the Opening

If your caulks are not fitted properly, you will experience many issues with insulation. Therefore, the caulk must be applied properly. Unfortunately, quick applications often result in poor caulking, which may peel or crack after use. When this happens, you'll need to reapply it again. Professional teams are skilled in this and know how to take their time ensuring perfection.


The Frame Screws Are Well-Drilled

Frames are secured by screws that have been properly drilled, holding them in place. If any of the screws are loose or misaligned, you can have door frame problems that shorten the lifespan of your doors in general. The screws should be checked carefully before applying the caulking to seal the frame in.


The Expanding Foam Has Properly Filled In Shims

Most of the time, shims are used to help install door hinges expertly. Make sure to use expanding or open-cell foam, which will allow the shims to be filled in properly to guarantee perfect room insulation. Thankfully, these are relatively inexpensive materials, which means your door installation project should always stay at a reasonable price.


If your doors need repairing or if you’re getting new doors installed, you could count on HTR Windows and Doors. Contact us today!

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