06 of December, 2019
3 Red Flags That Mean Door Installation
3 Red Flags That Mean Door Installation

The front door of your home contributes to that initial first impression. But for many homeowners, this defining part of the home is often overlooked. The entryway to the home should be thought of as one of the first places for home improvement – given there isn’t another place in your home that requires more immediate attention. Knowing when to opt for door installation for example is essential to contributing to that positive first impression.


But how do you know when you need to seek door installation services?


HTR Windows and Doors is here to provide you with 3 red flags that indicate it’s time for a door installation.


Are You Spending an Arm and a Leg on Your Energy Bill?


If you find that your energy bill increases during the colder months of winter, or in the hotter days of summer – it might be time to assess why it is your energy consumption is so high. Many homeowners – especially those who live in older homes, find that it is difficult to warm or cool down their homes without having to pay more for energy consumption.  

The culprit can be a myriad of factors, but assessing how drafty it is by your front door is one way you can begin to effectively deal with the issue. If you notice that there are any spaces or gaps in the frames, or any cracks in the door, it’s probably time for a new front door.


Do You Notice Any Physical Damage?


Nothing is built to last forever – which is true for our front doors. Years of your front door being slammed shut, kicked open, and exposed to the harsh elements can lead to warping and cracking. Excess damage can lead to security issues or contribute to your energy consumption in the long run, so it’s important to take care of this issue before it becomes a larger problem by opting for a new door.


Mold or Mildew Issues?


Build-up of mold and mildew can lead to serious health implications. Many residential front doors are fabricated from wood, an organic material which is more prone to hosting mold and mildew in addition to encouraging its growth more quickly. If the mold issue is really bad, it might be time to replace your door completely.


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