16 of October, 2020
3 Clear Signs You Need Your Door Replacement Services
3 Clear Signs You Need Your Door Replacement Services

Over time, windows and doors will inevitably need to be replaced. Because of their frequent use, they will age and wear out similar to other items that make up your home. Fortunately, window and door replacement specialists can help you with any problems you might have quickly. 


Here are three clear signs that you will need door replacement services: 


Squeaky Door Hinges

No one wants to hear their door emit loud high-pitched sounds in the middle of the night. If you have tried oiling the hinge and it doesn't help the creaking, then you'll need door repair specialists to remove and re-hinge your doors. Furthermore, their inspection might reveal that your door is ageing, and you'll need to replace it soon.


Doors Scraping on The Floor

Wood is an expanding and contracting material. In extreme heat, doors can warp and sag. Old wood exhibits the same symptoms much more loosely and frequently. Signs might include scraping the floor and refusing to fit inside their door frames. Door replacement specialists such as HTR Windows and Doors can advise you on the best options available for you. 


Air Drafts and Cracks

Poor insulation is a clear sign that the seals around your door have aged. The material has begun to shrink contrary to expanding and sagging. However, identifying shrinkage and cracks can be difficult. Door specialists can look closer into areas they frequently notice and inform you about the door's condition. Then, they can advise you on the best repair method or replace it instead.


It's Not Difficult To Find a Dependable Door Specialist

If you have yet to find a team that specializes in window and door replacement services, you can always trust HTR Windows and Doors to help you. With decades of experience in the industry and thousands of doors installed across Ontario, we're confident that we can achieve excellent results for all your projects. For all your window and door replacement needs, give us a call today! 


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