06 of September, 2019
5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Windows
5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Windows


Being a homeowner isn’t always easy. With home ownership can come great responsibility. Having to ensure your property investment is properly maintained can be a cumbersome task – but taking the initiative to properly fix issues in your home is imperative to making sure your home is safe and operated efficiently.


For some situations, it can be difficult to even see if there is anything wrong. The same bodes true for window replacement. You might not know you need window replacements until it’s too late.


The following are 5 red flag signs that indicate you might need to opt for window replacement.


1. Drafty Windows


If you can feel a chill or the wind when you stand close to your windows, or if you can even see light escape through the frame’s cracks, your windows need your help. Drafty windows can mean an increase in your energy bill, which are especially apparent in the colder, winter months.


2. Your Energy Bill is Through the Roof


If you’re wondering why you’re paying so much on your energy bills, consider if one of the culprits could be your windows. Having your furnace or air conditioner work harder to compensate for lost warm or cool air that escape through drafty windows will take a toll to your energy costs.


3. Single-Pane Windows


Single-pane windows offer virtually zero insulation and sound proofing, and do a lack-luster job of insulating warm air in the winter, and cool air in the summer. Replacing your windows with double, or triple-glazed windows can make all the difference.


4. Outside Noise


If you live in an older home, you might find that your windows aren’t very good at sound insulation. Older windows are more prone to absorbing everyday sounds. Opting for new windows will allow for more sound insulation, and therefore a quieter home.


5. Decaying or Damaged Frames


Finding that your window frames are damages or decaying is probably the number one physical indicator that you should replace your windows. Even top-of-the-line window frames are susceptible to rot and decay as time goes on. Decaying window frames can also result in the presence of mould and mildew – which would also indicate that it’s time to invest in new windows.


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Looks like I'm in the need for window replacement after all!
Posted by: Zuri | October 30, 2019, 1:04 pm
Awesome tips!
Posted by: Marissa | September 6, 2019, 12:18 pm
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