17 of December, 2019
Windows: The Eyes of Your Home
Windows: The Eyes of Your Home

The presence of windows make our houses feel like home. As the eyes of the home, windows allow sun beams to warm up and brighten the dark rooms of our houses – and provide glimpses into what’s happening outside.


Different types of windows can contribute to the home in different ways. Choosing certain window styles over others can offer more or less light, or speak to the classic or more contemporary architectural features of your home.


If you’re in need of window repair, and are considering switching it up when it comes to your home’s windows but don’t know where to start, then you’re in luck! In today’s blog we’ll delve into a few different window styles and how they can enhance your home’s interior and exterior.



The Bow Window


By design, bow windows effectively draw in more natural light than more conventional window styles. Larger than your typical window, bow windows can transform the room it resides in by allowing for larger sightlines into the outdoors, and expand the room slightly as they protrude from the wall – which can make a room appear larger than it actually is.


The bow window is a classic take on conventional windows, and has remained a favourable window style of choice for many homeowners seeking window repair through the years.



The Bay Window


Much like bow windows, bay windows also protrude from the wall – making the room feel larger than it actually is. Bay windows are also larger than other conventional window shapes, drawing interest from the inside of the home and the out – which is ideal if you’re trying to boost your home’s curb appeal. Bay windows also allow for shelf or seating space at its base which draws visual intrigue within the home.



The Double Hung Window


Are you in need of increased air flow within the home? Double hung windows are the window repair solution to your room’s ventilation needs. For older homes that do not have an air conditioning system, selecting a window solution that allows for more air flow like the double hung window might be the right choice for you.





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