10 of March, 2020
When to Get Your Doors Fixed
When to Get Your Doors Fixed

Of all the fixtures in your home, you’d think that your doors would require the least attention. However, this is not the case – doors are exposed to more elements, rough treatment, and general wear-and-tear than a lot of other fixtures. And yet, it is uncommon for people to maintain their doors properly, oftentimes not calling for door repair until it is too late.


Over the years of working with homes all over the GTA, HTR Windows and Doors has seen a wide range of door issues from rotten wood, broken hardware, and more. A lot of times, the entire door has to be replaced. It is important to know when to do so as sometimes, some doors just cannot be salvaged. Repair them as you may, you will not achieve the same levels of soundproofing, draft blockage, and security with a new door.


Before going about replacing your doors, here are some signs of when you could do with some door repair:


Your power consumption has been rising

One if the common problems in door repair is weak seals. This leads to temperature regulation problems, as more outdoor air enters your house. Your air conditioning will then require much more energy to cool or heat your home. Fixing the weakened or damaged seal will help you save on energy costs.


You’re experiencing a draft

Even if your temperature doesn’t seem to be affected, it doesn’t mean that everything is fine. Check underneath or at the sides of your doors for drafts. Aside from temperature issues, this can lead to the circulation of unclean air around your house, letting in foul smells and pollutants into your home.


Your soundproofing is ineffective

Most doors, especially high quality ones, should have significant soundproofing qualities that help you preserve the peace and quiet of your home. Over time, this may decrease due to the deterioration of materials, or perhaps you are just simply unhappy with the soundproofing capabilities of your current doors. At this time, it would be wise to move on from door repair and straight to door replacement.


You find it difficult to operate them

If your doors and windows refuse to stay open or closed when you need them to, then it’s indeed time to call a door repair service. Both doors and windows should be easy to operate without too much hassle on your part. After all, it is their primary function.


For all services related to windows and doors, get in touch with HTR Windows and Doors, the premier experts in the field in the GTA. From now till 31st March 2020, you can get a free upgrade to triple pane glass as well as discounts for exterior colouring and installation.  Call now to get a free in-home consultation!


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