10 of December, 2020
What to Expect During Professional Window Installation Projects
What to Expect During Professional Window Installation Projects

A quality window installation is in the details because every home is unique. The installation of a replacement window is not just a matter of putting up a standard-size window into the open wall. There are many more professional processes involved. Only expert window installers have the ability to pull off such projects with professionalism and care. They take professional pride in their work and in their business relationship with the homeowners. Thus, they always ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new windows.


What You Can Expect During the Installation

The window installation team will come equipped with everything they need to do the job, from small pieces of tools to cleaning equipment. They will use all these tools to prepare for any kind of challenge that the job may pose. These usually include variations in wall thickness and materials, various kinds of sill or casings constructions, alterations from house settling, and any unforeseen structural damage. During the actual installation process, you can expect to have a deep discussion with the head of the installation team. You can ask them anything you want and vice versa.


Here are the major steps that are most likely to occur:


  • Area preparation: Drop cloths will be used to catch the dust before old windows are removed and frames inspected to check for any repairs required.
  • Window opening preparation: The window installation team must see to it that the window opening is completely cleaned and ready for the new replacement windows.
  • Sealing the window frame: Once the replacement has been installed, the window frame must be securely sealed and insulated to ensure efficiency.
  • Work verification: After everything has been checked and installed, a final checking will be done to ensure that the work is done with quality.
  • Clean up: This is the last step wherein the team makes sure the worked area has been cleaned thoroughly so that you can enjoy your new windows.


If you have a need for window installation services, make sure to only call professionals like the team from HTR Windows!



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