28 of December, 2020
Time for a New Window Installation
Time for a New Window Installation

There is nothing better than having large home windows to enjoy the lovely natural scenery surrounding your home. But if your windows are old and decrepit, perhaps it’s the time to call for a window installation service. Leave it to the professionals at HTR Windows to restore your view of the great outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Other than replacing visibly old frames, there are other reasons to consider installing new windows.


If you have an older home, your glass windows may become a safety hazard as well as a liability to your home security. Older windows are built with annealed glass, which when shattered, produces large shards that are dangerous for everyone in your home. If you intend to renovate your home, make sure to call a professional window installation service to replace your windows with tempered glass which is stronger and safer when shattered, breaking into tiny chunks of glass instead of shards.  


Old windows may also be compromised from weathering over the years. Your home could suffer a colder winter if you have old windows due to bad insulation around the window frame as well as badly insulated glass. The new industry-standard glass allows for better-insulated windows as well as new frames that can reduce the moisture build-up from the difference in temperatures. These new glass windows can also reduce the amount of UV exposure to the interior of your home due to new industry standards for glass.


Last but not least, if your window frames are old and worn-out, beginning to build up specks of mould and other unpleasant bacteria, it is time to consider a window installation service. HTR Windows and Doors has a large selection of traditional and modern-style windows and doors that can revitalize the look of your home while you reap the benefits of better safety, insulation, and a nicer view in and out of your home.

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