24 of February, 2020
The Most Popular Patio Door Types to Choose From
The Most Popular Patio Door Types to Choose From

One way to open up your home to the outside is through a beautiful yet functional patio door installation. Patio doors come in many styles and types that can be installed in various combinations as singles, doubles, or in multiple panes. Depending on your style and the design of your home, there is a patio door style made for everyone.


Here are some of the most popular patio door types:


Sliding Patio Doors


Most patio door installation projects involve the use of sliding doors that open by sliding them on their track and is the most common door style in many homes. This door usually slides open parallel to a glass window. Sliding patio doors are a great option if you have limited space as they do not need any clearance. However, they require a full width on either side to be opened fully. Sliding patio doors can be controlled to either increase or limit airflow in your home and is an excellent way to get fresh air. Moreover, they can be easily matched to most house styles and you don’t have to worry about furniture blocking your door.


Folding Patio Doors


While folding patio doors do not require a full clearance like traditional doors, they do require ample space for it to slide and fold. They also vary in width but they usually have a minimum of three panels and hinges to be able to function. This type of patio door installation is the best option if you wanted to create a wide-open connection to your outdoor living area.


Swinging Patio Doors


As the name implies, swinging patio doors either open out on to your patio or into your home. They are pretty similar to traditional front doors as well as folding patio doors, as they require enough space to be opened. In this case, they can also limit where your decorative items and furniture can be placed both inside and outside your home.



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Thanks for the patio door installation work you guys did the other day!
Posted by: Katy | March 10, 2020, 2:11 pm
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