21 of January, 2020
The Implications Of Not Repairing Your Windows Are More Severe Than You Expect
The Implications Of Not Repairing Your Windows Are More Severe Than You Expect

Aside from windows allowing air and natural light to flow freely into your home, they also play an irreplaceable role for your home’s design. It’s comes as no surprise then that windows are an important point of negotiation for a home sale as it is common for both new and old installations to be in need of window repair.


A host of window problems plague most homeowners, including worn out springs, inoperable latches, and fogged windows.


Making the Case

Situations where window repair are a necessity can impose a serious hurdle when trying to sell your home as any interested parties are sure ask you to fix said issues before finalising a sale. It’s no secret that modern house buyers are wary of where their money is going, and naturally come to expect the best which, at the least, includes windows that are in good working order. Compounding on this is fact that ⅓ of prospective home owners consider windows as being a critical factor in adhering to environmentally friendly standards – a perspective no better brought to light by the recent surge in homeowners opting for LoĒ glass .


What Are The Facts?

It may come as a surprise, but various white paper reports and studies have gone to show that homeowners can recoup most of job costs associated with upgrading old windows with new ones. In fact, as much as 74% of the cost can be recouped if window repair issues are conducted prior to a sale.


What’s more, financers also have their own scrupulous rules when it comes to the condition of the windows in a home before approving any financing options. It is not surprising, therefore, that broken screens or cracked window panes are specifically noted down, much to the owners chagrin, during an inspection.


Some of the most common types of issues that are reliant on a window repair service like those of HTR Windows and Doors include broken glass, damaged screens, sashes painted shut, bowed windows, glazing compound not in good working condition, improper latching, uninsulated window seals, wood rot, lack of weather stripping, frames that are insecure or cracked, missing thermal glass, and window fogging.

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