23 of August, 2019
The Different Types of Patio Doors to Choose From
The Different Types of Patio Doors to Choose From

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting at your patio with a glass of wine after a hard day at work. Patios are a treasured part of many homes in Canada, though we cannot forget the patio doors – which do their fair share of work in beautifying and opening up a home. After all, who doesn’t like watching the view outside or letting in streams of sunlight while keeping temperatures regulated?


Installing a patio comes in two components: doing up the patio itself, and then getting the patio door installation done. There are three major types of patio doors, each serving different purposes in terms of functionality and design. 



This is perhaps the most common type for patio door installation. The major benefit of a sliding patio door is the fact that it does not require any clearance from either the inside or outside for it to open. Plus, it can also be partially opened to control incoming airflow. More importantly, sliding doors can suit a wide range of house types and styles.



As the name implies, this patio door type folds up like an accordion and also does not require full clearance. However, unlike a sliding patio door, a folding door still needs some space for it to slide and fold open. Apart from the patio, they are usually also used for outdoor living spaces such as the deck. A folding patio door typically has at least three panels.



This patio door works pretty much the same as your traditional front or back door. It swings open out into your outdoor space, thus requiring much more clearance space to open up which will limit the amount of furniture you can place near it. However, if you have limited wall space for patio door installation, this type would be the better option for you.


No matter what type of patio door you opt for, HTR Windows and Doors can help you integrate it into your dream home with our professional patio door installation services. Just give us a call!

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