16 of September, 2020
The Benefits of Whole-House Window Replacements
The Benefits of Whole-House Window Replacements

If all the windows in your home are old, or if you are looking to upgrade your home so that its selling value increases, you may want to consider a whole-house window replacement service. An average landed home in a Toronto suburb can have 30-odd windows, all of different types. As such, it is a sizable investment and one that requires much consultation prior to the job.


Typically, homeowners who opt for whole-house window replacements do so because of these benefits:


1. Energy Savings

If you’re on a tighter budget, you may decide to isolate your most problematic windows and just have those ones replaced. But if all your windows are the same age, they have likely all deteriorated to a significant extent. In colder climates, window replacements can be responsible for up to $400 of annual energy savings. If only a few of your windows are optimized, the older windows will mitigate their effectiveness by continuing to let in drafts.


2. Increased Curb Appeal

If you are looking to sell your home, it is important that all your windows are uniform in aesthetic and quality. This is why standardized, whole-house window replacements are necessary, helping you increase the resale value of your home.


3. Convenience and Budget

While it is true that replacing all the windows in your home is a costly endeavor, window servicing companies such as HTR Windows and Doors frequently offer financing opportunities as well as monthly promotions to make these projects more accessible to homeowners. It is better to get everything done at once rather than have to constantly keep tabs on all your windows, scheduling replacement appointments all throughout the year.


While there are indeed many benefits to whole-house window projects, you need to make sure to consult extensively with your service provider before making a decision. HTR Windows and Doors offers free in-home consultations to our clients, enabling us to analyze your needs and give you a better idea of the costs. Our experts will discuss with you not only how many windows need to replaced, but also what kind of windows to go for.


Materials are an important consideration. For instance, window experts will always recommend vinyl windows due to their durability and better energy-saving capabilities. Whatever you end up deciding on, you can rest assured that the expert team at HTR Windows and Doors will approach your project with professionalism and skill.


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