06 of August, 2019
Saving Your Windows: When to Repair and When to Replace
Saving Your Windows: When to Repair and When to Replace

Many times, people hold off on repairing their windows because they believe that they can last for a few more years. The damage may not be all too visible yet, or perhaps there is some sentimental value to keeping your old windows. With that said, window repair can be a necessary procedure for many reasons, one of them being the potential energy, and therefore cost, savings.


If there is a chance your windows can be saved, quality window repair can help ensure that the problem is dealt with without having to entirely replace the windows in your home, which is a costlier and more time consuming operation.


As such, here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding whether your windows need repairing or replacing:


1. Rotten and Decayed Windows

When it comes to rot and the general decay of your window frames, there is still hope – advanced window repair can save your frames, but only if the damage is confined to the wood. When you start seeing condensation on the glass, it is time for a replacement.


2. Old Windows

Sometimes, windows have to be replaced without any obvious signs of rot or decay. This is the case with most houses built before the 1960s, when lead-based paint had not yet been outlawed. Lead-based paints contain poisonous chemicals which can be released in the form of lead dust. There are ways to simply remove the toxic paint and repaint the frames, but the most straightforward and safety-guaranteed method is to place the frames entirely.


3. Leaky Windows

If you find that your windows seemed to have lost their insulating properties, letting in cold air or drafts, you may want to hire a professional to replace the caulking around your windows. This does not entail a large-scale replacement project. In addition, you can also outfit your current windows with screens, which are an easier and cheaper option compared to window replacement.


For all your window repair and replacement needs, HTR Windows and Doors has got you covered. As experts in combining aesthetic and functionality, we ensure that your windows continue to perform at their optimal level wihtout compromising the look and design you so treasure!

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What is the avg turnaround time for window repair service?
Posted by: Charice | December 17, 2019, 10:41 am
This is great advice, thank you!
Posted by: Harry | August 9, 2019, 10:28 am
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