27 of December, 2019
How to Prepare for Window Installation
How to Prepare for Window Installation

By now you’ve already sought out a reputable window installation service for new windows in your home. You’re excited for this new home improvement, but you’re unsure about what to expect. One of the best things you can do is properly prepare for the installation. But what does preparation entail?


In today’s blog we’ll discuss how to prepare for window installation service. 


Settling Any Worry

If you’re worried about leaving your home open for bugs, birds and squirrels to enter your home -  have no fear. The window installation process is relatively seamless - with only one or two windows removed at a time, and replaced soon after old window removal. Depending on the number of windows you need replaced, the entire installation process shouldn’t take up much time at all. 


Making Room and Clearing Space

An effective preparation tip before installation is to clear out objects and furniture around the windows that are going to be replaced. This bodes true for the interior and exterior of the home. That way the installers won’t have to move anything around when they get there. 


Communication is Key

Speaking to the window installations service experts ahead of time about prospective issues can lead to more efficient outcomes on installation day. If for whatever reason, various entry points in your home can’t be used - let the installers know what entry ways they can access for the job. 

Another topic you might want to discuss is the weather, find out whether or not working in damper conditions would lead to messier situations, and if so - what the clean-up process looks like. 


The Clean-Up Process

A quality window installation service should ensure proper clean up once the installation is complete. Discuss with the installation team whether furnishings need to be covered and if cleaning is covered in their policy with regard to both the interior and exterior of the home. That way you won’t be left with any messy clean-up surprises once the installation is complete and the installers have left your home.


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