08 of April, 2020
Hottest Patio Door Trends for the Summer
Hottest Patio Door Trends for the Summer

With summer rolling around soon, now’s the time to revamp your patio doors so that you and your family can make the most of your patio space and enjoy a brand new, renovated atmosphere! Patio doors have a tremendous ability to improve the overall curb appeal of your home, with a customized entryway being especially effective at boosting the overall image of your home.


Before you proceed with your patio door installation, here are some of the hottest design trends to get some inspiration from first:


1. Dark-coloured frames

This trend is perfect if you lean towards a more modern, sophisticated look. This bold look has an instant effect of drawing the eyes to your patio area. You can opt for a strong look by contrasting patio door colours with that of your walls. Do make sure you confirm with the contractor before the patio door installation that the colour you want is available.


2. A slim-framed patio door

Continuing with more modern trends, consider getting patio doors with slimmer frames. This trend is very popular because of its minimalistic and clean design. Considering that, it is surprisingly capable of adding a great dimension to your home. A lot of patio doors are now showing off a more contemporary and streamlined design.


3. Indoor living extended outdoors

You can achieve this trend by designing your patio so that there is a smoother visual transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. In fact, many patios are now equipped with furniture that was only found indoor before. Great designers will be able to integrate the interior design of your home and the exterior style of your patio through patio doors.


4. Multi-panel doors

The perfect way to achieve luxury, even if you don’t own a mansion, is by having a sliding multi-panel door system. Combined with floor to ceiling glass, these doors will definitely give your home a luxurious look. It can also help you take better advantage of more natural daylight and ventilation.


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