02 of October, 2019
Distinguishing Between Window Types
Distinguishing Between Window Types

Windows, they surround us virtually everywhere we go, allowing us to peer out into the world, take in natural light, and provide ventilation. These are concepts any reputable window installation service should be familiar with.


Once referred to as ‘lights’, tradition plays a large part in the styles of windows we see today, albeit with some modern enhancements.


This piece will be covering the design choices behind three window types that are commonly encountered today:


1) Casement Windows

One of the more prevalent window types, sometimes referred to as simple hinged windows. More traditional varieties are constructed from wood and, oddly enough, share many similarities to door construction.


The fundamentals behind their construction come from the joining of vertical side posts (known as jambs) to the head jamb at the top and sill at the bottom. Depending on the size of the window, you may come to see them outfitted with a vertical mullion.


In order to prevent rusting, contemporary casement windows undergo hot-dip galvanising as a precursor to a coloured polyester coating.


2) Double-Hung Windows

Identifying this type of window is quite simple. Their defining characteristic stems from their windows that vertically slide, as well as being able to open the top and bottom sash.


Conventional fabrication of wooden double-hung windows involve the joining of three-boarded jambs with one another at their top corners, side jambs being joined to the sill, and nailing the casings into place. Tracks are fashioned into the side jambs to allow for vertical sash movement. 


3) Pivot Windows

These share much in common with casement windows, albeit having sashes that can pivot. This hinging mechanism allows for effortless maintenance on the part of the user as both sides of the pane can be cleaned while indoors.


In order to prevent accidents, it is not unusual to find pivot windows incorporating a safety catch – allowing the user to lock the sash in any orientation they choose.


A Window Installation Service You Can Rely On

In this industry, our service is our success. We understand that the window installation service we provide to our customers is based on results, which is exactly what we aim to provide; with installers that are WSAB and Window-Wise certified, we’re sure to be a pivotal step towards your dream home!

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Always had trouble knowing which one was which when discussing these things throughout one of our window installations. Thanks!
Posted by: David Nouvat | October 17, 2019, 11:31 am
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