03 of September, 2020
Differences between Window Styles
Differences between Window Styles

Getting the best window installation service should be the first task on your list if you are looking to renovate your home. Proper installation of windows ensures that everything is structurally sound, aesthetically complementary, and that the technicians are professional and clean.


Getting a good set of windows is crucial for any home. They provide great illumination, open up your home, and frame your property perfectly. The major rule in choosing among the different types of windows is that they should complement the existing style of your house. If you have minimalist decor, then opting for a modern, contemporary window design will be the right option. If your house has a more traditional look, you can highlight its distinct theme by partnering it with more traditional windows. An expert window installation company can help you decide which will work best for you.


At HTR Windows and Doors, we carry different design styles that you can choose from. Here are the most common options you may want to consider:


  • Single or double-hung. This window style has either one or two sashes that open when you slide them up or down. It is a lasting favourite by most homeowners as it is easy to use, lets in plenty of airflow, and is safe for young children. You can also easily install a flyscreen on the outside.


  • Bi-folds. This window type is simple and chic and is an essential feature of a modern Canadian home. These windows let in as much light and air as possible by folding away while taking up little space. They can create an ambiance of balance between the indoors and outdoors and can be made to be energy-efficient and easier to clean.


  • Tilt and turn. This window installation option is known for its versatility. It can be opened inwards horizontally, or outwards vertically. It is very easy to clean and is safe since it opens up to around 10cm only.


  • Bow. This is a unique design that sweeps the outside of the wall, protruding from the surface and adding dimension. These windows can be grand but also quaint, depending on the overall style of your home, serving as an eye-catching focal point of your house’s exterior.  


  • Sliding. This window type simply slides on a horizontal axis through rollers. It works perfectly for when there is a scenic view outside to enjoy and can bring in more natural light. It is also easier to maintain and use.



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