17 of October, 2019
All Windows, All Answers
All Windows, All Answers

Windows are a gateway to the soul of a home and the world outside your home, but they’re also the gateway to many questions from home owners. These ever pervasive openings are, much like all components of a house, prone to issues and can require window repair services.


Settling on an investment that offers the greatest return on investment throughout your home can be befuddling.


However, you may find yourself surprised at the practical and financial benefits that window repair or replacement can provide. Not only this, but invaluable measures such as your home’s overall comfort can trace back to your windows.


To get started on your journey, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the questions people run into when they consider using a window repair service:


What Does Reglazing a Window Mean?

Glazing itself refers to weathertight sealing (in the form of a hardened compound or putty) that surrounds the circumference of your window. Hence, reglazing refers to the reapplication of this deteriorated glazing and involves multiple stages, such as patching, priming, and painting, to ensure successful reapplication from a window repair service.


Owners of aged houses find themselves needing several of their windows reglazed, either from incurred damages or natural worsening over time.


How Long Does Double-Pane Last?

Double-paned windows are known to last somewhere between 10 and 35 years, averaging out to around 20 years on a whole. This large variance in service life comes down to a number of factors, but the primary constituent usually traces back to manufacturing quality. The warranty a manufacturer provides is indicative of this quality – at HTR Windows and Doors, all of our products come issued with a comprehensive warranty.


Is It Worth Replacing Old Windows?

Yes, and here are a few figures and facts to sway you:


Worn down Glazing – almost 25-30% (as outlined by the Department of Energy) of the cool air or heat within your home can be lost through sub-optimal glazing, with the obvious repercussion of this being an increase to your energy bills.


Replacement Windows – the upfront costs associated with a window replacement can end up recouping tenants around 70 – 80% of this fee when it comes to determining their home’s value on the market. One of the most economical options home owners opt for are double-hung windows when it comes to replacement choices.


ENERGY STAR Certification – replacing an outdated single-pane window with that of an energy star certified window has substantial benefits across several key areas. One such example, as provided by the Department of Energy, is through saving 2,660 KWh/year – enough to power a home for 3 months straight!


Service That Sets Us Apart

So you’ve decided to call upon a window repair service, great! The team at HTR Windows and Doors understands that communication is key throughout the process; we never falter on responding to your requests. Our CSA-approved and ENERGY STAR certified products are professionally installed without you having to break the bank!

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