19 of May, 2020
3 Problems that Can Be Solved with Repairs Instead of Replacements
3 Problems that Can Be Solved with Repairs Instead of Replacements

It is crucial to know that window replacement is not always the best course to go for. There are instances when opting for a window repair service will be just as effective. This will help you save from investing in a costly replacement job, and it also generally requires less time. Depending on the kind of damage sustained to your windows, repair jobs are perfectly adequate to solve the problem. As such, it is important to know which scenarios call for window repairs:


Cracked or Broken Window Glass

If you have multi-paned window glass and one of the panes has been cracked or broken, it will not be wise to replace the entire window as this will involve removing the full window along with the frame. Replacing just the broken pane itself would be better while leaving the other panes intact and in good shape. A window replacement should really only be chosen if the entire frame itself is damaged or old, or if you’re looking to change the style of your windows completely.


Some Window Parts Are Not Working Properly

If you notice a crank on your casement window or one of the locks not working right, that is considered a hardware or accessories issue and will not call for a replacement job. A full replacement would be wasteful as it is only the smaller components of the window that are damaged. Very minor issues can even be fixed by your performing some DIY repairs – but when it comes to broken hardware, it is best to play safe and look for a professional window repair service.


Issues with the Weather Stripping

Most windows will at some point, experience the deterioration of their weather stripping and caulking. If left unattended to, this could cause the energy efficiency of your windows to be severely affected, thus compromising the comfort of your home and potentially causing an uptick in energy bills. Make sure you seek repair services for this so that the efficiency and functionality of your windows can be restored as soon as possible.


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