03 of June, 2020
3 Leading Reasons Why People Choose Window Installation
3 Leading Reasons Why People Choose Window Installation

If you have old or broken windows, and you’re deciding between repairing or installing new windows - it might be more cost effective to choose the latter. There are a myriad of reasons why people choose window installation over window repair. Whether your windows are leaky, moisture-ridden, or broken beyond repair - an expert window and door installation provider will tell you what the most appropriate course of action would be best for your home’s windows. But there are a few common reasons why people tend to select installing windows instead of repairing them.


In today’s blog we break down 3 leading reasons why people choose window installation over window repairs. 


Excess Moisture 

If you notice that your window panes or sills are always wet to touch, it is usually the case that your windows are not adequately shielding the elements at the exterior. Over time, your window frames and sills can deteriorate and allow moisture to pass through, and come into your home. Other times, the source of moisture build-up can come from prior incorrect installation. Regardless, those who notice that their windows are continuously damp will tend to choose window installation to avoid long-term moisture issues such as mold.


Excess Draftiness 

Experiencing drafty windows? Is it a bit chilly whenever you’re near your windows? Drafts can make the room uncomfortable, and can hurt your wallet when it comes to your energy bill. Often it is the case that homeowners are ramping up their air conditioner in the summer months and turning up their heat in the winter months to compensate for the cool or warm air loss through drafty windows. When choosing to replace their drafty windows, homeowners should ask their window and door installation service providers which window products are the most energy efficient. 


Security Issues

If you’re concerned about how well your windows will hold up against security threats it’s always worth consulting your go-to window and door professionals. Homeowners will opt for installation when their windows are beyond repair. Leaving broken windows exposes you to intruders easily accessing your broken window as the entrypoint into your home. Homeowners will also opt to install their windows when they’ve already been broken into as a preventative measure against future break-ins. 


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