15 of April, 2020
3 Important Things to Consider When Replacing Windows
3 Important Things to Consider When Replacing Windows

Homeowners replace their windows for many different reasons. The common issues that most homeowners notice with aging windows include drafts and leakages, which render their old windows useless. If repainting or resealing them simply don’t work, then window replacement is the answer. Regardless of the kinds of windows you’re working with, there are still certain things you have to consider first in order to get the most out of your replacement job.


With this in mind, here are some of those important considerations to think about before replacing your old windows:


Energy Efficiency

Your new windows must be certified, qualified, and specially designed to combat the harsh effects of the climate. Specifically, you should be looking out for standards such as LoE or other ratings that signify the windows’ ability to reduce heat loss, saving you some money on energy bills.


Maintenance Requirement

All glass window panes are relatively easier to maintain, and as such it is the frame that make the difference. For example, high-performance stainless steel has the ability to make your windows easy to operate while vinyl does not require to be repainted and does not deteriorate over time. Another feature that plays a big role in window replacement is the availability of screens that keep debris and insects out. Opt for a window operation system that provides you with an easy way to remove and reinsert the screens.


Installation Type

In addition to ensuring the quality of your window replacement, the installation process also has a major impact on the performance and durability of your new windows. The best quality windows will not work as expected if they are not installed properly. So, make sure that the installers specialize in replacing windows for homes and that they follow the national building code and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements. This is to ensure optimum performance and maximum longevity for your newly installed windows.


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Thanks for the excellent window replacement work you did for me!
Posted by: Isaac | April 22, 2020, 11:31 am
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