05 of February, 2020
3 Crucial Signs It's Time to Have Window Replacement As Soon as Possible
3 Crucial Signs It's Time to Have Window Replacement As Soon as Possible

No homeowner wants to deal with a window replacement as it can often be quite costly. However, without it, you will end up with a poorly insulated home that will lead to irregular temperatures and a higher electricity bill in the long run.

Investing in quality replacement materials and working with reliable window experts guarantee you'll have high quality home features and are always comfortable.

Here are some crucial signs that indicate that it might be time to have your windows replaced.


Locks Are Difficult to Open


During the first few years after their installation, you've been able to open and close your windows smoothly. If you feel that the locking mechanisms on your windows are becoming stiffer more recently there is a clear reason why. Often, rust or frame rotting contributes to the difficulty of opening and closing locks. While they're relatively harmless, they can cause huge problems for your property as well as safety if you don't have window replacement services soon.


You Feel the Outside Temperatures from Your Closed Windows


Double-glazed, airtight windows guarantee no outside temperature permeation into your property. If you feel drafts from your windows then it might be time for a  replacement. Draft permeation is due to your windows having faulty or failing seals. If you ignore the problem, it can push up your utility bills by a significant amount in the future.


Chipped or Soft Wooden Window Frames


If you see signs of wood frame paint chipping from your windows, it might only need minor repairs and even just a paint rework. However, in our years of experience, chipping is often due to softening wood frames, which indicates water infiltration. These window frames are beyond repair and definitely are in need of a window replacement.


Only Trust Professionals with Your Replacement Needs for The Best Results


If you're still looking for professional window replacers to work with, you can count on us at HTR Windows and Doors to get the job done. With our decades of experience and dedication to providing only the best window and door services, you can always depend on our quality of work. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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